Sultanahmet Escort Girls Rules

As a rule, ladies who in the past were engaged in prostitution, do not interest. Sultanahmet Escort Girls are often taken from former dancers, strippers, models and athletes.
Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is welcomed, because the main contingent of clients are foreigners who come on business trips to business meetings.

Sultanahmet Escort Girls

Attracting beautiful creatures to this business is carried out by special recruiters who, thanks to personal connections or data from trusted persons, find the necessary girls. In addition to external attractiveness, the Sultanahmet Escort Girls should be able to maintain the conversation, developed intellectually, and also very well-groomed; before meeting with the client, she spent half the day in the salon.
The services of these girls resemble the services of Japanese geishas; first it is for the soul, and only then for the bed. It is for this that the customer pays a huge amount.

Working young ladies in such an agency do not have to be high eighteen-year-olds with convex forms; quite often a client needs a forty-year-old well-groomed lady with brains to support the image at the business evening.

Istanbul Escort Rules

The girl is not allowed to leave the phone and, moreover, to fall in love. No off-work relationships and romance. Punishment for such actions is fine. It is understandable, when a girl communicates directly with a man, the agent will not receive a commission.

Sultanahmet Escort Girls rules a very important nuance: In an intimate relationship, the parties enter only by mutual consent, only in the case when they are sympathetic to each other.

Sultanahmet Escorts

Forcible to sex no one forces. If the conditions of sexual relations were not discussed at the meeting, the client may require another girl in the agent, and the agent will actually send her. This happens very rarely, but such situations are quite possible.

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