Business Plan of Istanbul Escort Agency

One of the most fruitful business ideas is the organization of a special escort service, which is carried out by special Istanbul Escort Agencies that have relevant specialists in their staff or who invite them for one-off outsourcing contracts. In recent years, the demand for accompanying persons in various segments of the market has been steadily growing.

Istanbul Escort Agency

Escort escorts are carried out, at the request of customers, for various purposes. Such can be the safety of the client, sightseeing and entertainment purposes, teaching local languages ​​and dialects, cultural pastime, the provision of intimate services.

Each escort specialist or escort agency has its own specialization. Here you can talk about such areas as meetings and seeing off of business delegations and individual businessmen, a city tour and sightseeing, visiting temples, theaters, going to restaurants, shopping, talking on certain topics.

Business Escort in Istanbul

There are also short-term and long-term support, escort of children and persons of old age, men and women, entrepreneurs and tourists. Often accompanying is required for persons who do not know the local language, domestic and cultural traditions. At the same time, the Istanbul Escort Agency borders on services such as guarding, caring for the elderly or children, providing services for attractive guides, hiring accommodation, social services for the population, counseling, translation from a foreign language, transportation services.

Typically, the activities of Istanbul Escort Services and individual escorts are coordinated by a special dispatcher-a booker, which may be a natural or legal person. Booker receives orders from customers, processes them and sends those who are not currently engaged in customer service.

Istanbul Escort Girls

The level of remuneration for the service of export services can vary considerably depending on the relevance of a person, agency or profile of a specialist. Naturally, the price varies depending on the country or region. So, in Istanbul the cost of escort services ranges from 200 to 500 dollars per hour.

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